1919 Disruptive Innovation Strategy

Seeks to invest in companies that are driving change in established markets through disruptive innovation. The strategy invests across all sectors, geographies, and market capitalizations over $1 billion. The holding period is aligned with the timeframe needed for each company to establish leadership within their respective industry.

Our Latest Strategy Materials

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Investment Approach

The strategy is managed thematically, investing in 35-45 companies who are best-positioned across 15-20 investment themes.

  1. Risk is managed through thematic diversification

    • Exposure to a single theme is limited to 10% or less of the portfolio
    • Exposure to a single stock is limited to 5% or less of the portfolio

  2. Selection is biased towards companies demonstrating high revenue growth and profit margins

  3. Valuation is evaluated over a multi-year timeframe

  4. Targeted annual turnover is below 30%

The benchmark for the Strategy is the Russell 1000 Growth Index.


All investments involve risk, including risk of loss and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met.